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What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

Responsive Web Design is user-friendly design that loads quickly and can be navigated smoothly over a variety of platforms. If you can flip between a website on the desktop, ipad, and iphone without frustration, you found a successfully designed website that uses Responsive Web Design (RWD).

Modern consumers are spending the majority of their time on smartphones, not desktops. So why would companies spend so much time and money creating the “perfect” website on their large screen monitors? Don’t get me wrong, having a well-thought out website to represent your business is important, but if it only works and looks good on the big screen, and not on someone’s iphone, ipad, or other hand-held device, you aren’t doing your company any favors.

Images, banners, layout, and even loading time are crucial across all platforms. No one on a mobile wants to scroll forever just to get basic info about your product or service.

Responsive Web Design embraces user-friendliness

Responsive Web Design isn’t just about looks, it must aim for user-friendliness in regard to contact buttons, forms to be filled out, payment options, etc. from the big screen to the iphone and every size screen in between. Many adults rarely get on a “real” computer unless they absolutely have to these days. Why would they when they have the world at their fingertips? Now imagine how frustrating it is when they are in a new city on vacation, get Laryngitis, literally can’t speak, and are searching for nearby doctors, only to see your information all jumbled up on their phone, and the “request an appointment” button not working! It’s annoying and they will most likely move onto the next physician--one with Responsive Web Design. In that 5 seconds, a customer that could have easily spent $200 plus at your practice is gone.

Responsive Web Design is essential to your company’s livelihood

Remember, customers are on the move today, not stationed in front of a desktop. If you let Around Houston implement and fine-tune your Responsive Web Design, you will be able to attract and keep customers while growing your business on a solid digital foundation.

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