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"Around Houston Hosting is one of the best web hosts I have been with. With a small amount of money you get so many features and privileges that you would need to spend five times as much or more in order to get the same services somewhere else. The support is the BEST I have ever come across."

Shaun T.

Just wanted to send a very big THANK YOU for all of your help. As of today I have four sites (one under my name and the other three under two other people's names) hosted with you. I used to have my sites hosted by (I'm sure you have heard of them) and and never got the kind of support that I get with you guys. You are quick, friendly, and knowledgeable (also patient!). Specifically, I have dealt with AJ and Herb. Thanks again for all of your help.

Mary Chou

I am a Systems Workgroup Administrator in an environment with 400 government users. Over the last ten years I have worked in many situations where much of the support was outsourced at substantial cost. In all of that time I have not run across the level of support and professionalism provided by Around Houston Hosting.

When you then consider the unbelievably low cost and reliability found here, it is nothing short of astounding. There has been no circumstance with Around Houston Hosting where I was left disappointed. Thanks for the great service!

Kurt Bradley

Your team, AJ along with the rest have been great with the tech support!

I really appreciate it. I usually end up knowing more than the company I go with. Not in this case. You guys are great and the features and control I have with my site are the best I have seen in 5 years of changing companies.

Bill Thompson

Your the first service I have had that acted in a professional and courteous manner. I'll be spouting praise on every forum I visit for you guys.

Chris Moor

Thank you for all your help. Once again, I have not been disappointed with your service. Its been a pleasure doing business with you so far. Keep up the good work (best support I ever had)!!

Charles Dalesch

I have to say, your service and support is unbelievable for the price. This is the easiest a database driven site has ever gone up for me, and my hat is off to you guys for running a really good system there.

Keep up the good work!

Daniel Bernard

Although I am fairly new with you guys, and we are not fully set up, I must say after shopping around and looking at numerous hosting companies, you guys by far blow them out of the water! your packages are incredible, and your support team is excellent!

I came from a host that basically ripped me off big time, and I have to say, its good to be somewhere where the services/features actually work! Keep up the great work and great packages-costs, and I have no doubt in my mind that you will be my host forever! Thanks.

Robin Cartwright

I just want to make a comment that this is one of the best web hosts I have been with. With a small amount of money you get so many features and privileges that you would need to spend five times as much or more in order to get the same services somewhere else. The support is excellent. I just tested a Microsoft Access database with my homepage and it works perfectly.

Darrell Turner

I just have to say: WOW, most companies won't reply to emails. You guys hooked me up in a matter of minutes. Hat's Off to the Support Team! Curtis G. Stevens

I just want to let you know how much we appreciate the awesome support and service that we have been getting here. We have been recommending you to EVERYONE who is looking for a host and they still can't believe it, that it's too good to be true.

Our emails are working great, the message board is faster than ever and our dynamic sql new updates are having no problems what so ever. The last hosts we have were the worst, so we can see a HUGE difference being here.

Thanks once again!

Ben Humphrey

I must say that even though this is my first day with your company, your support has already beat the pants off of the other hosting services that I have dealt with. I am very impressed. Thank you for your help.

Matt Meineke

Wow! I cannot believe the speed of your support. I was worried that it wasn't going to be as good as it is. However your service is awesome and much appreciated.

I have found that your support is second to none and will sleep much better at night knowing that your are always on call and able to fix any problems that may arise. We depend on reliability and I would say that you are very reliable! (*****) Five Star Award! Thank you.

Jason and Tonya

Just for the record, and your bosses, you are the best customer service outfit I have come across.

Steve Ronald

Thank you very much for all your help - whether you're the same person that's been with me since the early hours of the morning till now or not. Your support system is definitely one of the best I've ever come across in all my years in the industry - keep up the great work!

Thanks a lot. Your support is perfect.

Peter Whatley

Out Standing! Thank you for your outstanding support, I seldom run across support this good. Again thank you.

Scott Akers

Thanks, Again, your support rocks, appreciate the rapid responses...

Tyler W. Feldkamp

Thanks! I wanted to express my happiness with your hosting. I was worried when I had to pick a hosting service, but I have had nothing but a good experience with your service.

Mike Jones

What can I say?...

Spectacular, is the only word I can imagine to define your client support service. One week from subscription, and I can affirm that these guys are serious with their work. I hope that it lasts forever. If so, you'll have many more clients, referred by me and many others.

Jonathan Reynolds

Great Support Team I have been a member for less than 1 week. I noticed some downtime this past weekend because they were updating their servers to provide me, the customer, optimum service. This morning I emailed support to inquire about the expected remaining downtime. 15 minutes later, I received a response telling me that everything was back up and running. Also, I requested URL forwarding for my account and in less than 45 minutes and only 2 emails, my forwarding was working properly. This is a great web hosting service. You can't beat the price and the support staff is friendly and quick with responding to their emails. Thanks!

Raymond Kwan

These guys are great.

Just wanted to say thank you for all your support and help since I joined. I live in Australia and even with the time difference, help is only a short time away. So thank you.

Gary Armstrong

Quick Timely Response -

Support guys, Thank you very much for your support, it is working now. tell whoever your boss is that I say you guys are good and have a quick timely response.

Jay Patel

Here's my two cents

Hi, I'm Ron and applied for a Domain name and hosting package on a Wednesday, Got my first confirmation at 1:00. By 9:00 I was uploading my site with ftp. My Domain name was registered within 2 days. Now here it is a Saturday and the site is almost complete. Email addresses set and ready, Still working on meta tags before I start the serious ad campaign. I have installed a classified section with support from the Tech Dept. When they were Emailed the reply was usually within hrs.

The point is that after only four days I am VERY IMPRESSED, and look forward to a long working relationship with them. Since this post is a four day impression I'll post again in a month or so. Check out the load time of my site.

Good Luck To Us All

Ron Nelson

Fastest Support Ever Come Across

"Thanks, I have it sorted out now. By the way, you guys have the fastest support I have ever come across. I already recommend your hosting to many of my users."

Andrew Drake

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