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Changing SEO

Search Engine Optimization must be viewed in a different light since Google slightly shifted how SEO works. Around Houston has a strong foundation in SEO and follows the current changes to continue achieving optimal results for our clients. We will strategically apply our knowledge to your company’s online presence in every avenue - from keywords used in new content on your web pages to directory listings to social media and adwords and PPC. No matter who is searching for your product or service, they won’t have to search far for YOU!

What is SEO?

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is SEO? Search engine optimization means fine-tuning the information your company puts on its website, social media, and directories, so that when a user organically searches for your product or service, your company will be one of the first ones listed. You can see why this is so important in this day and age of digital searching! Your company needs to stand out among the sea of competition and at Around Houston we work hard to ensure that you achieve that.

Around Houston can also help you look beyond just organic searches. As meta tags, keywords, and backlinks become less important in SEO, adwords and PPC become more and more important. Around Houston can help manage your online campaign to continue to bring you the customers you need at a cost you can afford.

Around Houston will use the current trends in SEO to increase your customer base.

Around Houston will use our wide SEO knowledge and decades of watching the internet develop to fine tune what works for your unique business. With the Around Houston team standing behind your company name, you can be assured that we will focus on getting you the highest ranking possible through detailed research in trends, relevant writing, and targeting the avenues that make the most sense for your business.

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