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What is a domain name?

A domain name is a two part web address unique to your specific website, for example, While the first part is who you are, the second part, "com", stands for commercial. Once registered, you'll have your own unique domain name, for example, Your domain name cannot be taken by anyone else, and will make your web address easy to look up, remember, and even type.

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What are the specifications for a domain name?

While the total length of a domain name may be up to twenty-four characters, the only characters allowed are letters, digits, and the dash. A domain name cannot, however, begin or end with a dash. The "www" which comes before the domain name in a website address is not, in fact, part of the domain name.

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How can I find out if the one I want has already been taken?

To search to see if the specific domain name you have selected is available. There is no charge for this service.

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How can I register a particular domain name?

The staff at Around Houston will handle the entire registration process, just give us a call 713-526-6874.

You will need to provide the name, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address for the registrant and administrative contact for your site.

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What does it cost to register a particular domain name?

There is a charge in the amount of $35.00 for one year, $60.00 for two, or $75.00 for three years.

All charges are payable in advance to Around Houston.

After your initial registration period, the charge is $35.00 per year to renew for one year, $60.00 for two, or $75.00 for three.

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How long does it take before my domain name is active?

Once your domain name has been registered (or transferred, if applicable), it usually takes about 12 hours before it is active. All Internet providers must update their records to reflect new site locations.

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Can I transfer an existing domain name to Around Houston?

Yes. Whether you place an order on-line or by telephone, make sure to specify that you are requesting a transfer and NOT a new domain, 713-526-6874.

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How do I place an order for Around Houston to register my domain name?

Simply call us at (713) 526-6874 or e-mail us at

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